Saturday, May 10, 2014

First Date

Our first date in KL
you've stay with me for 3 days
i was really happy 
we went to PELITA KLCC for lunch
we've ate ayam masak kicap favourite you
the we went to KLCC to meet up with bubu and others
i rindu waktu tu
you sayang i without any regrets and condition
i am not a good guy
but i will slowly change for you my sweet lil princess
I Miss You :')

Thirst 2013

Thirst 2013

This is the first event we went together as a couple
if you still remember kita tak leaps berkepit 
maklumlah rindu kan ;)

i was so happy that time
the person i love the most is by my side
i never feel so complete before this
but when you entered my life
you complete me as a man
you are the other part of me
thanks sayang always be there for me

How we met

30 November 2013

The first day i saw you eye to eye,
i'd never expected that i could fall so deeply with you 
i Still remember the spot we met at this musical event AViCii
you were beautiful as usual
i can stop starring your eyes
its so bright till you take my heart away
i still remember holding your hand for almost 10 minutes till i left
i wanted to tell that i fall for you since the first day i met you
i love you