Wednesday, June 25, 2014

beauty in the breakdown

Always remember that everything that related to happiness will knock us upside down,
take your time and be sad for the people or unfortunate even,
how far we go, 
how ugly we cry,
how hard we try,
Theres a Beauty in the Breakdown


we will face up and down
its a normal process of living the life
theres a part of life for goodbye
for everything that build us and eternally tear us apart

where can i go ?

i never good in mixing around
i fake a smile since i was a child
i never found my happiness
i got no place to share my emotion
i got no one who willing to listen to all my joy and tears
the world was too big for me
too big for a guy who will never be happy


i thought you're the one,
the missing puzzle of my life,
yet you destroyed me with all your words,
the way you mingle around with other boys slowly kills me,
i hope you are happy with what you did
i promise you
you will never ever find a guy who love you like i do

Birthday ?

I am lost in the ocean,
full with fake people,
with the way they act like they cared for you,
but in reality they don't,
somehow i fall easily for the bullshit promises,
birthday was never fun for me,
i miss blowing the candle on top of the birthday cake,
in fact i miss being happy,
i try hard to pleased everyone,
but never expect that i am played this way,
celebrating birthday alone was like a routine for me now,
maybe i am destined to be alone forever,
it is like a curse,
curse of a demon inside of me.

Happy 23rd Birthday to me.

Monday, June 16, 2014


"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage" 

dear, i know its hard for you to love me
its been harder for me since all the thing you do reminds of your past with your ex's
i know he's been a better partner to you
but i can promise you one thing that you won't find someone who loves you like i do.
i am still trying to be better
to gives you everything you wanted
to give you courage to fight for what we dreamt of
because i still remember the first time i saw your eyes
i saw a future of me and you
thats the reason why i can't go even though you wanted to go
loving you was really hard for me
everything i do seems wrong to you
i cared too much for you
till its makes you uncomfortable with me
i hope one day you will realise that i truly loves you for who you are
and i am sorry for all the things that i've done
the things that hurt you the most
i am deeply sorry for not being a perfect boyfriend who won't let you down or see you in trouble
I love You
Take Care love

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

You are my queen

I know that our relationship sometimes might go up and down,
I realise of my fault and my attitude,
Even though some fact might hurt our feeling, or sometimes we might think that we are not gonna long lasting in this relationship.
How much we fight and argue in the end we forget everything that make us sad,
Hence we remembered everything that make us happy because i believe that how far we apart from each other, how many guys or girls try to flirt around with us, we forget them put the problem aside and start love each other.

Hopefully we will be much more better in the future, much more happier than now, and keep praying to god that our dream will become reality.

I love you sayang ❤️