Sunday, October 19, 2014

THROWBACK 28/06/2014


Happy 23rd Birthday to me
i never though i got surprise party on that day
it was really amazing
i am speechless when they shout happy birthday
thank you dear for making me happiest person ever
i will not forget all the memories

i was down few days before my birthday
involve in an unexpected accident
lose something precious in my life
but shit happen
im glad you are there for me
through thick or thin of life
thank you for the surprise
how can i not love you dear ?
you are the first one who stubborn to make birthday surprise for me
bringing me all the way from KUL to PEN
to our favorite beach
remembering all the days we dated 
and just sat there look at the star and waves
it is really peaceful
thank you for showing me how much i can love a person
i wish i can do all good thing and never let you down
i am sorry for not being there for your birthday party
for not being there on the day you birthday
i am useless
i really hope you will like my present
and everything i bought for you

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