Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fashion Talk : Beanie for Men

What Is "Beanie" ?

Beanie or a knit cap is a headwear accessories for cold whether that keep us warm, make us look fantastic from the bad hair day and its a Trend for fashion nowadays.
Even though Malaysia is not a cold climate whether country it can be considered as an easy way for us to slip into stylish versatile headwear.

Here i'm gonna show you 5 ways on how to style a beanie for men :

 1. When it comes to choosing the beanie, try to consider getting a neutral colour. Bright colours and vivid prints may look somehow ‘childish’ and make your style look less stylish. Black, white, grey and brown work best and are more versatile.

2. simple knit beanie always looks more classic and stylish. Men have to know to stay away from styles with zippers, pompoms, beadwork, decorations and embellishments!

 3.    Opt toward loose-fit style beanies because beanies with elastic in them usually tend to tighten around your forehead. I found it uncomfortable and it would leave a red line across the skin and not to mention that a tight-fitting beanie looks less fashionable sometimes.

4. For a casual look which suits for everyday look, keep the beanie over your forehead.

5. For a fun little twist on your everyday look, try to add a little twist in the back. Wear it over your forehead and give it a slight fold in the back. Some of my friends called it the Peter Pan style but it works well and looks stylish too.

In addition for the love of beanie especially for men out there,here i suggest a link for everyone who interested to buy a beanie 

Enjoy and always look stylish ;)